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Changing climate, environmental pollution, our flawed food habits etc damage our skin and make us age faster and lost the race against the biological clock. Fret not, because the non-invasive and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures from Medlounges reverse the clock and bring out your inner beauty and the glow within.

Worried about dark patches and dullness in the facial skin? Not anymore, Medlounges can help you get back your white skin by using the combinations of FDA approved cosmetic dermatology treatments. Now get the guaranteed results with proven technology and without damaging your skin.

Cellulite deposits need not be the horror that scares you every day anymore. Medlounges now offers the world’s most preferred and effective procedure for effective tightening of the skin resulting in visibly reduced loose skin and a firmness on your skin you used to enjoy in your younger days.

Velashape III is the world’s best solution for contouring and giving shape to the body. Moreover, it is the first integrated non-invasive medical device approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) for volume reduction and the only, which combines 4 technologies for body contouring and cellulite removal in the single session!

Acne scars are not mere scars on the skin, rather they have multiple morphologies and hence require technical approaches to ensure effective reduction and removal of acne scars. Sublative rejuvenation and micro needling processes at Medlounges ensure the maximum possible results and will result in negligible discomfort, not affecting your daily routine.

Pregnancy considered to be one of most beautiful pain experienced, but most of the Moms are worried about their skin and stretch marks after pregnancy. Now you can forget all the worries about stretch marks and loose skins. Medlounges brings you highly effective, non-surgical Body After Baby treatments to you. The days of Stretch Marks and loose skins will be gone forever.

Did the scars on your body is bothering you? Don’t worry; it will never bother you again. Remove the scars without any trace with most advanced and worlds best scar removal treatments. Medlounges ‘s Non-invasive, non-surgical treatments guarantee the best result without any side effects.

Restore your confidence with Medlounges state of the art PRP Treatments. FDA approved simple and non-surgical treatments with safe and reliable results. Get your skin repaired in short time procedures and quick recovery periods.

Never hide your face because of pigmentation. Medlounges offers you Hyper Pigmentation Treatment painless and long-term result. The ideal treatment for all skin types with best results and without any side effects. Medlounges combines several treatments to deliver high-quality results within the short period.

Boost your skin tone with Glutathione & Vitamin C treatments, both help to reduce the melanin production and results in higher skin tone with guaranteed long-lasting results. Medlounges proudly presents to you Glutathione & Vitamin C treatments. No more dark pigments and skin patches to ruin your dreams.

Enhance your facial appearance by reducing the signs of aging, decreasing mild scarring, age spots and freckles and improving the texture and colour of your face. Medlounges’s non-surgical procedures ensure the maximum result within a short period of time and free from any side effects.

It’s not about getting rid of every minuscule line. It’s about the prevention of those deeper lines that might bother you. Wrinkles can be caused by aging, facial contractions, and sun damage. But the day of wrinkles is over now. Reduce wrinkles without pain, with advanced technology and FDA approved treatments.

Aging takes its toll in a number of ways, including expression lines, loss of fat volume, loss of bone structure, gravity, and the big one – sun damage. Protect your skin from aging with Medlounges, we bring you sought after methods from Anti-aging and keep you look younger.

As you age, your facial muscles loosen and your skin becomes less elastic, creating folds and lines. Medlounges’s Facelift treatment helps to lift your face and tighten facial skins. Medlounges guarantees long-term results without any side effects.

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